De Groot Metals is a family business. The enterprise was started in Rotterdam by Mr J.C. de Groot in 1946 with the trade in tatters and metals. After several years the core activities were expanded to include trade in scrap metal and the scrapping of ships. A young Mr Dick de Groot joined his father in 1963. After he took over the company in 1966 he focussed exclusively on the non-ferrous metals trade. 

The organisation grew and developed into an international recycling business. Son and grandson, Mr Edwin de Groot, joined the family business in 1988. Knowledge was shared, the yard was expanded and a larger international network came into being. Mr Edwin de Groot learned the trade from the experts by working at the yard himself and by travelling and extending the existing network. Nothing is of greater value in the metal and recycling sector than product knowledge and knowledge of the local economy. 

Mr T.G.S. Tom Lambrechts joined the company as co-owner in 2005 and the collaboration that followed ensured an even better service to the international market. His knowledge and experience were considered a valuable addition to the De Groot Metals' network. Together with a close-knit team, we have the pleasure and experience of working at a national & international level.